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2808 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY 11207 | Tel 718.513.0179

Ages: 6mos - 2 years old
Learning with Manipulatives:​​



Baybee Lounge Staff understands the importance of developing your childs fine motor skills. Through Manipulative play we ensure the children are building, creating and refining their skills daily. This play is important as it helps children develop their fine motor skills and hand co-ordination hence becoming more confident and competent in using all the different tools and equipment they use in life.  

Infant Care:

Our Infant program meets the needs for physical comfort, emotional security, beginning socialization and language development for the infant from age 6 months to 1 year. 

Baybee Lounge Nursery is set up to foster all aspects of the infant’s developmental stages. Artistic pieces are located in unexpected places helping babies learn about themselves and explore different points of view. Feeding, diapering and sleeping compose much of the infant's day. The infant's sense of emotional security is enhanced by the nurturing and dedicated staff that provide daily care for our infants.


Safe Environment:


​​Cozy areas of the nursery are reserved for stories, rhymes and songs. Carpet, mirrors and wooden toys enhance tactile and visual stimulation, and the room is designed to encourage physical skills such as sitting, standing and walking. An environment of bright colors and appropriate toys provides optimum stimulation for the infants growth. As the child matures, the learning materials grow more complex. Music is an important element of the curriculum for every child youngest to oldest. Art will be incorporated in all content areas. 

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